Screed & Mortar Equipment

Our huge variety of tradtional and liquid screed pumps and mixers for the mixing, pumping, spraying and injecting of screed, mortar and shotcrete can be found here. All of our equipment is available with flexible finance solutions that are tailored to your requirements.

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Mini Avant - Single piston pump for common and special mortars
Poli T - Worm plastering machine for common and special mortars
Pro H DM Worm Pump - for mixing, pumping, spraying and injecting common and ready-mixed mortars
T7 EVO - Worm pump for spraying finishing coats
T20X - Mortar, screed, plaster mixer & pump
UNI 30 - Single piston machine for common, structural & special mortars
Giotto - Mixer / pump for dry-mix materials
Giotto Mono - Mixer / pump for dry-mix materials
Silotur - Pneumatic conveyor for dry-mix plasters & mortars
Turbomix M22 - Mixer for cementitious dry-mix mortars
Turbomix M55 - Pneumatic conveyor for dry-mixed plasters & mortars
Apemat - Screed mixer / pump
Pro H CL Liquid Screed Pump
Transmat 250 - Mixer / pump for screeds, mortar, concrete & aggregates
Transmat 27.45 - Screed / mortar pump
Beton Master - Pump for concrete & shotcrete
BM 30 - Pump for concrete & shotcrete
Pro H BMS - Mixer / pump for screed & mortar
Pro H CLB - Pump for screeds & shotcrete
TB30 C Crawler Concrete Pump
TB70 C Crawler Concrete Pump
TB100 C Crawler Concrete Pump
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